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Bensons for Beds based in the UK are a well known leading bed specialist. They offer a wide range of divan beds, bed frames, mattresses, children’s beds and bedroom furniture The founder Cyril Benson started out with his own general store in the 1950’s and once he’d decided on beds for him being the way forward he open his first bed centre in the early 1970’s.

With more than 50 years of heritage Bensons for Beds became highly successful within Britain and expanded to an impressive 200 plus store locations built up as concessions or stand alone shops and superstores and became part of the Homestyle Group, really targeting the home furnishing retail sector.

The Bensons for Beds range is vast and includes open coil, pocket sprung and different foam type mattresses and divan sets from leading manufacturers including Dutch company Dolux, Reylon, Sealy, Silentnight, Slumberland and Sleepeezee as well as having extensive bedroom furniture ranges including the hugely popular children’s Stompa® products. On the internet they are ranked highly with over a thousand online visitors daily and combined with interest free credit on bed sales they are a true competitor in the bed retail market.

Now for their science bit – Bensons have a diagnostics system in store Sleep to Live®, a computerised system to aid you in choosing a mattress based on each individuals position, weight and pressure areas. They can even provide a mattress split within, into two different sections to suit couples who need different levels of support.
Is it a gimmick to get customers in store? Who knows, there is no option to buy online because you have to actually lie on the bed to, as such, find one suitable. A bed is what you find comfortable to lie on and feels supportive for you. Possibly for some though it takes the hands on person to person communication approach, instead of a computer to guide you through the process. Several of our staff have tried this Bensons approach on the high street. After trying the machine we were taken to a particular brand of mattress in the Bensons range and told that “this is the one that is right for you”… well the machine might think so but personally we didn’t like the feel, it wasn’t uncomfortable but at £2000 or thereabouts it had to be a darn sight more comfortable than it felt!! Delivery time for the bed that was offered was about 10 days which in this day and age is quite slow but there were other options which could be delivered within 2-3 days which is a bit more like it.

In 2005 the credit crunch really started to show for Bensons and Homestyle said ‘no’ to any speculation that insurance problems had caused problems for the sale of the Bensons subsidiary. According to market reports it was speculated that Bensons suppliers had been informed they would not be able to find insurance cover should the deal go ahead. Bensons was then valued at approximately £130m and it was said that selling Bensons would clear the company’s £80m debts.

Bensons for Beds has since become part of Steinhoff International, one of the UK’s largest furniture retailers, who took over in 2007 from the Homestyle Group. Steinhoff owns several hugely successful bed and furniture outlets throughout the UK including Harveys, Bensons Beds, Bed Shed and Sleepmasters and also mattress manufacturers such as Relyon (Bensons were one of Relyons major retailers so if Bensons ever went out of business they would have lost a massive retailer of their products…. not surprising they bought the company).

Bensons for Beds – are they the best?

Bensons for Beds has had a winning bed retail formula for some time now, but does the formula still work and can they deliver on the promise from the various TV ads?

For the most part, many furniture shops and stores could arguably never adequately focus on beds as a speciality (much more money to be made and business in suites, sofas and dining/kitchen furniture etc), so Bensons would rent concession space within another store and create that focus in a smaller space. But with the limited amount of floor space available in most concessions the host retailer would offer them, the focus wasn’t just on beds, but expensive/high end beds for the master bedroom – super king size beds, high ticket price pocket sprung beds and top well known brands. Brands such as Relyon and Sealy and less lower priced cheap or budget mattresses and beds (although they were normally available to order, just not on display in many cases). With lower overheads, low staff levels, and high priced products, Bensons for Beds found a profitable niche in a already overcrowded bed market.

Specialisations in retail was of course nothing new (from PC World to Clinton Cards) – but a specialist bed shop that only specialised in more expensive beds for the home – is that not taking specialisation too far?

What about a good value bed or a cheaper mattress or guest bed for the spare room? Or a bed frame for the kids room? Or a low cost mattress or divan base because that’s all you can budget for? We offer our entire range of beds, bed frames etc from £79 up to £2000 and pretty much everything in between and you won’t have to wait for a supplier to make the product available for 99% of our products, we keep it in stock so providing you order in time we can deliver the very next day including Saturday and Sunday to a very wide area. Can Bensons beds deliver a bed on Sunday? (Or Saturday for that matter) – We don’t think so!

How can we offer so many different beds and mattresses for all these tastes and budgets and have a sales team that is sufficiently knowledgeable? Absolutely, yes. One call to us and you will see straight away that anyone you talk to knows every product, benefits, features etc without having to go and read the info off a prompt sheet etc, we know our beds! And unlike Bensons for Beds we price our beds to appeal to the internet savvy bargain hunter and to those who are not just looking for a brand on a label but a good quality bed or mattress at a very fair price – so you can buy top quality beds at much lower prices.

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