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Leather Beds and wooden beds

Leather Beds – Good quality luxurious Leather
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Leather is an exquisite material and it no suprise that it has become a popular choice in the field of home furnishings. Leather bed frames and the synthetic equivilents are fast becoming the most popular choice amongst many consumers and leather bed frames come in numerous styles and designs so, regardless of your preferences, it is easier than ever to find leather beds that blend perfectly in your home , whether your home has adopted a traditional feel or if you have gone for a more modern slant with your decoration. Leather bed frames provide not only considerable comfort but also give a focal point to the bedroom of unparalleled gravitas. For those who are looking to rejuvenate the whole feel and look of their bedrooms, a leather bed is just one of many ways of achieving this aim and this has proved to be something that many customers seem to be realising given the success of leather beds during the last few years, more so than ever in 2009.
A Bed for all Seasons?
One of the main benefits of leather is the versatility of leather itself. For example, most of the frames have the capacity to stay cool during the hot summer months and, conversely, will keep you warm during the cold winter months. In addition to this, real leather frames often become more and more comfortable as time passes and as the material ages and the leather used to create the bed becomes increasingly supple over the years. Good leather ages extremely well and this is something that makes leather an attractive proposition for consumers up and down the UK.
What about Strength?
Leather is an extremely durable and strong material and this really is something that stands leather beds in good stead. There are a multitude of different types of finishes to choose from when it comes to leather beds and choosing the one that is right for you is not purely a matter of personal preference but choosing a retailer with a proven track record of delivering good products for low prices. No two pieces of leather are exactly the same and it is this sense of individuality that is making leather beds ever more popular in the UK consumer market. Advances in technology have enabled manufacturers to create stylish and durable designs using synthetic leather or “faux” leather which if chosen carefully can offer a cheaper alternative to real leather with many of the benefits of real leather.
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Beds – Bunk Up With Wooden Style
If you’re considering buying bunk beds for the kids, there are many different frames on the market but a popular choice is wood for its versatility.
When it comes to bunks, many people are opting for wooden bed frames as opposed to metal frames, and it could be due to the fact that wooden beds are so versatile; whether it’s a traditional look you’re aiming for or a modern, contemporary look, wooden bunk beds can fill both criteria effortlessly.
Beds – The Benefits of Wood
If you’re not sure why you should be looking at wooden bunks, then let’s look at some of the accepted advantages over metal. One advantage is that wooden bunks are considered by many as being safer than metal bunk beds, this is especially true when you consider that many cheaper metal bunk beds out there are built with budget in mind and whilst they may pass safety standards have proven to be unreliable. With rounded edges and a solid frame, good wooden bunk beds will give you the peace of mind over many metal framed bunk beds. There is less chance of children hurting themselves on a wooden bed. As children also like to jump up and down on their beds a lot, and although definitely not recommended, if they do so on a wooden bed there is much less chance of them hurting themselves. For the fact that a wooden bed is sturdy and solid, it is the perfect choice for your child (or children) when considering bunks. Our wooden bunks come with the added beneft of being able to easily split down into to separate single bed frames.
Wood Aesthetics
If looks are important to you, or you are trying to keep a theme running in your home with certain types of furniture, it may well be that wooden bunk beds take preference because they are elegant and much more classic looking than some metal framed beds. Our wooden bunks are made with solid pine which will complement a traditional country house and the rest of the interior furnishings very well.
Beds – The Bunk Bed Options
Did you know you can now get bunk beds that offer room for sleeping 3 people? There is a double bed on the bottom bunk and a single on the top bunk or a bunk with permanent single on top with a 3 seater futon underneath that easily converts into a double guest bed, so this is a really great option if someone in your family just needs that extra room when they sleep. If you have the space in the bedroom, this would be a welcome addition, plus it is quite unusual and striking, so is sure to attract a lot of attention from your children’s friends. Bunk beds are available in all shapes and sizes.
For rustic looks, go for pine, but if you fancy something more contemporary, then a good quality metal finish is a great choice and tones in well with many kids rooms décor.
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Caring for your Bed

Caring for your bed

Chances are that the springs and comfort layers in your old bed were not what they ought to be, so your new bed may seem a little strange at first. Please allow time for your body to adjust to your new bed and for the fillings to settle. It would be unusual for someone to find their new bed to feel perfect on the first night, but approx 2 weeks would be a reasonable length of time before you really started to feel the benefits of your bed being replaced.

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